Eradicating Energy Poverty by Increasing Access to Sustainable Cooking Fuels

Project Gaia promotes clean cookstoves that are powered by alcohol fuels – fuels that are clean, safe, and efficient. We help communities become energy independent by establishing locally-owned microdistilleries.

We believe than an investment in clean energy makes a resounding impact on family health, empowers women and girls, reduces deforestation, and mitigates harmful environmental emissions.

What Makes Us Different

We only promote truly clean technology.

Good quality ethanol stoves, powered by alcohol fuels, virtually eliminate household air pollution and drastically reduce emissions. Two stoves that we work with are the Cleancook Stove and the Blue Flame Stove. (We will work with any good stove.) The combination of a good stove (that achieves near complete combustion of its fuel) and clean-burning alcohol have been extremely successful in improving the health and vitality of communities around the world. Since the Cleancook and Blue Flame stoves are non-pressurized and spill-proof, and have been designed to shield their flame, they all but eliminate the hazard of burns and fires—in addition to being extremely clean burning.

Project Gaia Works to:

  • Raise awareness of the safety, health, economic, and environmental benefits of alcohol fuels.
  • Displace traditional polluting fuels by implementing community-based alcohol stove and fuel projects.
  • Spur job creation by encouraging the local manufacture and commercialization of alcohol fuels and appliances.
  • Replicate successful projects and increase energy access by sharing knowledge and resources with governments, the private sector, nonprofits, and other stakeholders.