SAFE Workshop & Humanitarian Energy Conference

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Energy access is a critical and under-served need among the 134 million people in need of humanitarian assistance today. In July of 2019, the Safe Access to Fuel and Energy (SAFE) Humanitarian Working Group will host two consecutive events – … Continued

A Look Inside Tsore Refugee Camp in Ethiopia

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Women disproportionately bear the burden of firewood dependence – spending many hours exposed to household air pollution while cooking puts them at risk of chronic health problems, and the responsibility of firewood collection and cooking takes up valuable time and … Continued

Sevi ak Novorecho!

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Kenbe chodyè a, chanje recho ! Sevi ak Novorecho ! Rele nou nan nimewo sa yo pou'w vinn achte pa'w la : 3702-2545, 3702-2546 oswa 3702-2544 A post shared by Novorecho (@novorecho) on Nov 24, 2017 at 9:09am PST

To our supporters: Thank you!

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The holiday season is a time of celebration, a time for festive gatherings, special meals, and family togetherness.  In the midst of holiday shopping, travel and preparations for visits from family members, people take an extra moment to be kinder, … Continued

Request for Proposals: Ethanol Micro Distillery for Madagascar

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Clean Cooking Madagascar is seeing proposals for the supply of an ethanol pilot micro distillery sized from 2,000 to 5,000 liters/day. This is part of a national program. The successful proposer may be asked to provide additional distilleries once the program moves from pilot stage to scale-up. This program will support the scale-up of 100,000 ethanol stoves over five (5) years.

Beautiful, Hand-Loomed Scarf Sale to Benefit the FWFCA

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This week, students from The Refugee Action Committee (RAC) and Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) at Gettysburg College are co-sponsoring a fundraiser to benefit Project Gaia and the Former Women Fuel Carriers Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  These beautiful, hand-loomed scarves … Continued

Gaia Team Attends SEED Africa Symposium and IOREC in Nairobi

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During the week of September 26, 2016, the Gaia team travelled to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in the SEED Africa Symposium and International Off-Grid Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition. Gaia’s team comprised of Desalegn Getaneh, Director of Gaia Association, and … Continued

Chido Munangagwa Presents at Gettysburg Rotary Club

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Chido Munangagwa, our Business Analyst, recently delivered a presentation to the Gettysburg Rotary Club providing insights to recent events in her native Zimbabwe and discussing PGI’s work. Read the write up provided by Chris Kimple here!

Focus on India: A Move to Cleaner Fuels

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With over 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s second most populous country. According to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, about 67% of households out of this massive population rely on solid biomass fuels for preparing their food. That means … Continued

Gaia Attends Africa Carbon Forum in Kigali

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Gaia Association Director Desalegn Getaneh and Wubshet Tadele, Project Gaia’s Energy and Carbon Finance Consultant, recently attended the African Carbon Forum in Kigali. The Forum, hosted by the Rwandan government and organized by partners including UN agencies, the African Development … Continued

Invitation to Participate in Gold Standard Feedback Round

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Project Gaia, together with Carbon Africa Ltd., would like to invite all stakeholders to participate in the Gold Standard Feedback Round for the Project Gaia Cookstove Programmes of Activities (PoA) for CPA0002 in Djibouti and CPA0003 in Ethiopia. There will be two feedback … Continued

Where We Work: The Jijiga Camps

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At this time of the year, the families we serve in the refugee camps are never far from our minds, which is why the donations from our year end appeal will go towards putting stoves into the Jijiga camps. Below … Continued

Humanitarian Workshop Announced: October 15, 2015

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Marking the Success of the “Clean Energy – Safe Energy” Program in the UNHCR Eastern Ethiopian Camps  A Humanitarian Intervention Serving Refugees from Somalia In honor of Gaia Association’s 10th year of refugee assistance in the Kebribeyah, Sheder and Awbarre Camps … Continued

Women: A Force Against Climate Change

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On the road toward the upcoming 2015 UN Climate Change Conference, hundreds of organizations have been rallying to bring greater attention to the impact on women of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Women tend to be the most negatively impacted by the … Continued

Project Gaia and RRDO Launch CLEANCOOK Stove Pilot Study in Dadaab Refugee Camp

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Relief, Reconstruction, and Development Organization (RRDO) and Project Gaia, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), announced the launch of their pilot study of ethanol-fueled CLEANCOOK stoves in Dadaab refugee camp, Garissa County, Kenya. CLEANCOOK Sweden AB donated 100 of their double burner … Continued

Successful Panel on Clean Cooking Fuels at SE4All 2015

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Members of Project Gaia attended the UN Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SE4All) in New York City from May 18 through May 21. The forum brought together NGOs, government officials, business persons, and investors in its initiative to address the “twin challenges … Continued

Meet Our Interns For Summer 2015

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Project Gaia is excited to welcome three interns this summer. Quinn Heist and Phoebe Do are joining us on summer session from Gettysburg College, and Ellie Rice is joining us from Juniata College. They will be helping us with blogging and social media, … Continued

Project Gaia co-hosting panel on clean cooking fuels at UN SE4ALL

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Panel on creating a sustainable mass market for clean cooking fuels to be held May 19th in NYC. In partnership with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), the UN Sustainable Bioenergy High Impact Opportunities (HIO) Initiative, and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Project … Continued

Food vs. Food and Fuel

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Caveat Emptor “Ethanol?” The Home Depot sales clerk asked in disbelief. “Are you sure you don’t want propane? We don’t carry dangerous products like ethanol here.” With a glance at the power saw display, I thanked him for his recommendation … Continued

POET, Project Gaia and Novogaz Announce Partnership for Haiti

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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Courtney Heitkamp, Media Relations Specialist Phone: (605) 965-6411 E-mail:    POET partners to fight pollution, deforestation in Haiti Project Gaia replaces wood-burning stoves with ethanol stoves   SIOUX FALLS, SD (Jan. 28, … Continued

Meet Nick Lorenz

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Meet Nick Lorenz, our December extern at Project Gaia. Nick is a sophomore at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. He studies Arabic and plans on majoring in International Relations. This past summer, Nick taught English to middle school children in … Continued

Meet the Team – Alyssa

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As a part of our new “Meet the Team” series, we got back in touch with Alyssa Bosold, a former Project Gaia intern who carried out a household energy research project and small ethanol stove and fuel pilot in Vietnam in … Continued

Meet Theresa

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Meet Mrs. Theresa Ailenmoagboan. She is one of Nigeria’s most recent converts to the CleanCook alcohol stove. Nigeria is the economic hub of West Africa, but most of its population live below the poverty line and suffer from prevalent Household Air Pollution … Continued

Here and Now: The Future of Ethanol

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“Ethanol is the fuel of the future.” – Henry Ford On October 1, 1908, Henry Ford released a car that was made for the masses: the Model T. Thanks to the savings provided by assembly line production, the Model T … Continued

The Golden Thread

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Energy poverty stands as one of the primary development issues of our time. Its consequences extend far and wide; those who do not have access to clean energy feel its absence in nearly every facet of their lives. “Energy is … Continued

New Look, Same Project Gaia

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We realized it was time for a change when our old logo kept showing up as the recycling symbol on our shampoo bottles and food wrappers. Here at Project Gaia, we are continually adapting to best serve families around the … Continued

5 Reasons to Buy a Project Gaia Pura Vida Bracelet

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Project Gaia is excited to announce a new partnership with Pura Vida Bracelets! The La Jolla, California based company helped us create a bracelet that artistically conveys our approach to eradicating energy poverty. Here are five reasons you should buy … Continued

An Experiential Education in Energy Poverty

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For years, Project Gaia has partnered with Gettysburg College students and faculty on research projects. We have also tapped some of the brightest recent graduates and most promising students to work in our office and the field. Recently, we joined … Continued

Gaia Association- Ethiopia Offers Request to Join General Assembly

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Gaia Association- Ethiopia Offers Request to Join General Assembly. The General Assembly is a group of individuals committed to supporting Gaia Association’s mission to improve lives, the environment and the well-being of families with clean and safe ethanol cookstoves and fuel.

Gaia Association leads Environmental Working Group at Ethiopian Civil Society Network on Climate Change Workshop in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Gaia Association participated in a two day exhibition and workshop held by the Ethiopian Civil Society Network on Climate Change (ECSNCC) on 19-20 April 2011 in Addis Ababa. Gaia Association -a clean fuels and cookstoves initiative – led the Environmental Working Group (EWG) of the ECSNCC, a group of six non-governmental organizations working to expand and develop sustainable, renewable energy technologies in Ethiopia.

Project Gaia/PANGEA Event held at EU Sustainable Energy Week

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Partners for Euro-African Green Energy (PANGEA) and Project Gaia, Inc. held the event Clearing the Smoke: Promotion of CleanCook Ethanol Fuel Stoves in Developing Countries, as part of EU Sustainable Energy Week on Thursday, 14 April 2011 at the European Parliament. The event was hosted by MEP Christofer Fjellner (EPP/Sweden) and included presentations from the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), Project Gaia, Inc., and stove manufacturer, Dometic AB.

Celebrating International Womens Day with CleanCook Stoves: South Dakota Example

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In the heart of ethanol country, a coalition of women in Sioux Falls, SD have mobilized to create a spectacular event which will celebrate women and “give back” by sponsoring stoves for women in Africa and Latin America. Their example connects women across the globe by educating those of us in the U.S. on the dangers women face in the developing world to cook their daily meals and allowing women to send stoves and cards to families in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Madagascar, and Haiti. We love this example of truly grassroots fundraising which empowers women in the U.S. and in the areas we work in Africa and Latin America!

Mekdes Ijigu, Assistant Project Coordinator of Gaia Association, attends Ethiopian Civil Society Network on Climate Change

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Mekdes Ijigu, Assistant Project Coordinator of Gaia Association, recently attended the 2011 ECSNCC Forum, representing Gaia and the renewable energy implementing group. The ECSNCC is a venue for Gaia Association to share its experience with renewable household energy and disseminate project results to relevant stakeholders.

High-Level EPA Official Dr. Paul Anastas Visits Ethiopia Gaia Association

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On November 16, 2010, Dr. Paul Anastas of the EPA met with the Gaia Association for a day of discussions and field site visits to assess future strategies for clean cooking. The trip is part of the EPA’ s increasing efforts to develop solutions that ensure clean, household energy for the millions in the world who lack access to energy.

Project Gaia and New Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

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Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton announces the new public-private partnership to provide 100 million homes with clean stoves by the year 2020, saying “clean stoves can be as transformative as bed nets and vaccines”. Project Gaia was represented at the Global Launch on September 23, 2010. This new Alliance has created a flurry of press around the benefits of clean cookstoves, picked up by CNN, BBC, New York Times, the Guardian, etc.

POET Ethanol features Project Gaia in Vital quarterly magazine

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POET is the U.S.-based leading producer of ethanol in the world. Vital is their quarterly magazine with an online component that has a readership of more than 22,000. Gaia’s photo makes the cover of the April 2010 edition and the Gaia story is featured– read here. Thanks to Julie Flannery-Allen for the wonderful article “Stoves that Save”!

Project Gaia Offers Haitian Relief

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Bringing the promise of hastened recovery for Haitian families devastated by the recent earthquake, Project Gaia International, a global clean-cooking initiative, announces a new effort to place clean-cooking, ethanol-fueled stoves in Haitian homes. “Since the earthquake, most Haitian households have … Continued

Why Is Cooking Important? premieres at COP15

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Why Is Cooking Important?, a film by Jake Boritt documenting how refugees’ lives are transformed thanks to Project Gaia, premiered at COP15 during the Climate and Development Days Film Festival. This video features “Wavin’ Flag” by hip-hop star K’naan. You … Continued

Gaia featured in bioenergy initiatives report

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Project Gaia is one of the case studies featured in a recent report compiled for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) and PISCES (Policy Innovative Systems for Clean Energy Security) by Practical Action Consulting. The study focuses on … Continued

Gaia Association featured in Boiling Point

On: June 23, 2008 | by: Project Gaia | in: News

Boiling Point presents a case study based on a fictional household energy dilemma with advice from international experts. The case study here is how to design and implement programs, monitor overall progress, and check that work is going as planned. … Continued

Gaia Association wins green award for clean ethanol stove

On: June 19, 2008 | by: Project Gaia | in: Awards News

Tonight, the world’s leading green energy prize awarded £20,000 for a pioneering sustainable energy project to the Gaia Association, an organization working with the UNHCR in the Kebribeyah refugee camp near Ethiopia’s border with Somalia. The Ashden Awards prize was … Continued

Documentary offers real hope

On: June 1, 2008 | by: Project Gaia | in: News

The affecting documentary Cooking to Live by filmmaker Jake Boritt traces a day in the lives of three women in the UNHCR Kebribeyah Refugee Camp located in the Somali Regional State, eastern Ethiopia. Driven from their homes by political and … Continued

Ashden announces 2008 global green awards finalists

On: May 29, 2008 | by: Project Gaia | in: Awards News

Today the world’s leading green energy prize announced that pioneering renewable energy projects from Africa, Asia, and Latin America will each receive prizes of up to £20,000, with an overall Energy Champion winning up to £40,000. Winners will be revealed … Continued

Project Gaia wins indoor air pollution (IAP) award

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The award was given in recognition of Project Gaia’s dedication, commitment, and investment in demonstrating the impact of household energy interventions and in improving peoples’ health, livelihood, and quality of life by reducing IAP. At its third Biennial Forum, held … Continued