Partnership with NDZilO

Project Gaia is now in partnership with NDZiLO, a local Mozambican company, to expand and promote ethanol production and use for cooking in Mozambique. Since 2012, Project Gaia has worked to lay the foundation for the commercialization of ethanol fuel and CleanCook stoves in the country.

To date, NDZiLO has distributed over 30,000 stoves to families around Mozambique, greatly improving the health of communities and protecting the vital natural resources of the country. NDZiLO and Project Gaia are leading the advancement of clean cooking in East Africa through local leadership, production and promotion.



About Mozambique

  • Population | 25 million
  • Income per day $1.55
  • 96% burn solid fuels
  • 2% have access to clean fuels

Our Work

  • Ethanol Stove
  • Commercialization
  • Supply Chain Mapping