To further our mission “to establish and promote alcohol fuels for household energy among economically disadvantaged individuals and in less developed regions with limited access to other sources of energy,” we offer several services for individuals and organizations interested in starting a project.


Consulting and Business Development

Project Gaia consists of a team with varied backgrounds and specialities in areas such as project management, supply-chain, quality control and safety for stoves and fuel, research, public health, monitoring and evaluation, and business development. We are the leading experts worldwide in alcohol fuels and stoves for household cooking. We also maintain a brain trust of the leading alcohol fuel producers and microdistillery providers that regularly provide input for our and our partners’ projects. We partner with local businesses to jumpstart alcohol-based cooking solutions.

Pilot Studies

In our 20 years operating, Project Gaia has conducted over 20 pilot studies throughout Sub-Sahara Africa, Latin America, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean. Our studies have focused on household health, user-acceptance, and commercialization.

Stove and Fuel Testing

Project Gaia is dedicated to making sure that the only the best alcohol stoves and fuel go to market. We offer stove testing with our sister organization in Ethiopia and can arrange fuel testing to assess the quality and cleanliness of ethanol fuel.

Carbon Finance

Carbon finance provides projects with additional revenue for sustainability and growth. We provide carbon financing options for projects through our unique ethanol PoA.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Project Gaia regularly works with corporations such as ethanol producers to create CSR plans that provide health, economic, and social benefits for the communities where they operate. We also provide the opportunity to purchase carbon from our high-quality, social and environmental approved projects.


If you are interested in any of the listed services, or have other interests in partnering with PGI, please fill out our questionnaire. We ask that all new inquiries fill this out so that we may become better acquainted with your project and needs before even having our first phone call.

You can find the questionnaire here. Please email if you have any problems accessing the link.

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