Read the new Boiling Point article co-authored by Gaia staff: Using emergency interventions for sustainable development


The need for targeted energy interventions during relief efforts, especially for cooking but also for other household needs such as lighting and refrigeration, is becoming more critical and apparent. Supplying energy to people in crisis has frequently been neglected in relief efforts and distressed populations have been left to fend for themselves. Cooking energy is almost always their largest energy need. Where cooking energy has been provided, it has not necessarily been sustainable after emergency aid ends. Helping subject populations to develop the capacity to produce liquid biofuels on a small scale in efficient agricultural operations may offer one important solution to energy poverty and contribute to long term development of energy self-sufficiency as well as employment and livelihoods. Project Gaia and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have joined with local partners in Haiti to develop ethanol stoves and fuel, both as an emergency intervention and as a longer term development project.

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