CLEANCOOK Sweden AB acquires Dometic’s alcohol fuel stove business division

For Immediate Release

February 19, 2015

CLEANCOOK Sweden AB, a new, highly focused company, has acquired part of Dometic Group’s alcohol fuel stove business division. The CLEANCOOK stove is sold globally in Developing World markets. It is endorsed by Project Gaia, Inc., the global clean cooking fuels initiative, as Best Available Technology. The CLEANCOOK stove is produced in Durban, South Africa.

More than three billion people still cook with traditional polluting solid fuels, including coal and biomass fuels. Stoves that burn clean fuels such as ethanol and methanol have been shown to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating harmful emissions. This has yielded substantial positive outcomes for human health and the environment. The shift from solid fuels to clean liquid fuels eliminates particulates, including ultra-fine particles that carry toxic aromatic hydrocarbons deep into the lungs. Women and young children often suffer the greatest exposure. The World Health Organization estimates that upwards of 7 million people die each year from exposure to particulate-laden air, making air pollution the biggest environmental killer. The CLEANCOOK stove represents an important health intervention as well as a safe, convenient, modern cooking solution for consumers.

“We will distribute these stoves using local commercial partners who can guarantee fuel distribution,” says Ted Örbrink, CEO of CLEANCOOK Sweden AB. “This assures sustainable businesses based on reliable fuel supply. Sales to our partner Project Gaia for its refugee camp work and to other organizations will also be important to us,” adds Örbrink. “Reaching low-income consumers is part of our business as it has been for Dometic under its Corporate Social Responsibility program.”

Alcohol fuels are available economically as a global commodity and are shipped efficiently around the world, no differently than petroleum fuels. Local manufacture of alcohol fuels is a significant opportunity to establish local businesses, create employment and monetize undervalued or wasted resources, such as molasses in the sugar industry and associated gas in the oil industry. Alcohol fuels are made from a wide range of feedstocks and can be made almost anywhere in the world. Harry Stokes, executive director of Project Gaia has called them: “The most democratic of fuels.”

CLEANCOOK Sweden AB is investing in new stove models, starting with a new one-burner stove to be launched in March. This will join CLEANCOOK’s existing two-burner stove. “In the pipeline are two very economical stoves for lower-income consumers,” says Robert Sagulin, Chief Technical Officer for CLEANCOOK Sweden AB. “These stoves have the same high performance and rugged durability of the existing stoves. They will significantly improve entry-level business opportunities for clean alcohol fuel businesses,” according to Sagulin. “This will enable local production of stoves with local fuel production and distribution.”

Dometic Group President of Product Management and Innovation Mattias Nordin states: “We are very pleased that Dometic Group will remain an active partner in this important work through our continued supply of key materials to the stoves. CLEANCOOK Sweden AB has been established by former employees and I am proud that we have found an innovative solution to give these important products an opportunity to continue to address the global need even though they are not a core part of Dometic Group’s business. I am also proud of Ted Örbrink and Robert Sagulin who have dedicated their knowledge, skills and efforts to establishing CLEANCOOK Sweden AB. I wish them great success.”

CLEANCOOK Sweden AB will join Dometic Group and Project Gaia, Inc. as a member of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

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Contact details:

Ted Örbrink
Phone: +46707108447

Harry Stokes
Executive Director
Project Gaia Inc.
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Mattias Nordin
President of Product Management and Innovation
Dometic Group
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