US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts team up to tackle the clean cookstove cause on Oprah Winfrey Network special, Extraordinary Moms!

Join us for an exciting event about women around the world, and the struggles they face as the ultimate caregivers. Watch a “sneak peek” at the upcoming program here.

Photo courtesy of AP
Photo courtesy of Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

On May 7th, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) will feature a special television feature called Extraordinary Moms in honor of Mother’s Day.  The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will team up with esteemed actress Julia Roberts to address the importance and impact of clean cookstoves around the world.  To communicate the key issues of clean cooking to an international audience, The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) has chosen a Global Ambassador, revealed recently in a Time Magazine interview to be esteemed actress Julia Roberts.

Project Gaia, Inc. has been a member of the GACC, a public-private partnership promoting the development of clean cooking technologies, since its launch in September at the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative Meeting. Project Gaia also serves as a Global Alliance Implementing Partner.  Project Gaia is one of 34 household energy experts making up the Technology and Fuels Working group of the GACC, and leads the liquid fuels issues with its experience with alcohol CleanCook Stove by Dometic.

During the Time Magazine joint interview, Secretary of State Clinton and Roberts discussed the issues around the clean cookstove cause.

Roberts adeptly summed up the great potential of cookstoves and clean, household energy for human development – despite having been an overlooked development issue in the past. Roberts commented, “It’s a very big, far-reaching issue with this small word “cookstove,” but it really is about environment and about human safety and human kindness…”

Clinton spoke about her and Roberts’ interest in the clean cookstove cause, noting, “Julia immediately got it, because as a mom, and as she just said to you and as she and I have discussed, one who loves to take care of her family and cook for them, we thought, what would it be like if we were living in Latin America or Africa or Asia where these cookstoves are predominant? And what we were doing to keep our children healthy and alive was perhaps contributing to their sickness and even death.”  Roberts and Secretary of State Clinton both expressed the need to draw attention to this silent epidemic – and hope that their role as Ambassadors to the cause will help to achieve that goal.

Project Gaia is honored by the involvement of these two extraordinary women with issues of household energy. We look forward to Secretary of State Clinton and Julia Roberts’ work, and hope it will bring global publicity and action to the cause we, and so many others,work tirelessly for. So please join Project Gaia and Gaia Association to tune into this program on Saturday May 7th at 8-9:30PM on the OWN channel to learn about how clean household energy can mitigate harmful emissions, reduce deforestation and drastically reduce negative health effects associated with polluting fuels.


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