Fuel an Energy Revolution in India

PGI is teaming up with CTx Green Energy Partnerships to provide 15 clean cookstoves to
women in Odisha, India. The 15 stoves will be part of a study focused on the health benefits of
bioethanol cookstoves for women.

Why donate to PGI’s India campaign?

crowdrise-india1. Join the Winning Team: Time and time again, PGI has proven that clean cookstoves and ethanol is a winning combination. Together, they improve the vitality of communities in numerous ways, including:

  • Eliminating household air pollution, which kills 4 million people (mostly women and children) a year
  • Enabling women to recoup lost opportunities and eliminating the potential risk of violence and injury during fuelwood collection
  • Conserving the environment by reducing deforestation rates and drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby slowing the acceleration of climate change

2. In Odisha, the Stars Are Aligned: PGI rarely works in communities where the logistics are so
simple. In Odisha and the surrounding villages, ethanol is already being produced locally and
sustainably. There’s no need to contemplate how to source fuel or build a distillery. All that’s
needed are the stoves.

3. Make a Real Difference: With some fundraisers, it’s impossible to see the difference your
donation makes. That’s not the case with PGI’s India campaign. Your contribution goes directly
towards the purchase of a CleanCook stove for a woman in Odisha, making a tangible difference
in her life and that of her family.

The implications of cooking with dirty fuels and stoves are far reaching and have serious
consequences for families. Together with CTx Green Energy Partnerships, we’re working to
address these issues in Odisha, one cookstove at a time.

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