Meet Our Interns For Summer 2015

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Project Gaia is excited to welcome three interns this summer. Quinn Heist and Phoebe Do are joining us on summer session from Gettysburg College, and Ellie Rice is joining us from Juniata College. They will be helping us with blogging and social media, … Continued

Project Gaia co-hosting panel on clean cooking fuels at UN SE4ALL

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Panel on creating a sustainable mass market for clean cooking fuels to be held May 19th in NYC. In partnership with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), the UN Sustainable Bioenergy High Impact Opportunities (HIO) Initiative, and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Project … Continued

Food vs. Food and Fuel

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Caveat Emptor “Ethanol?” The Home Depot sales clerk asked in disbelief. “Are you sure you don’t want propane? We don’t carry dangerous products like ethanol here.” With a glance at the power saw display, I thanked him for his recommendation … Continued

POET, Project Gaia and Novogaz Announce Partnership for Haiti

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      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Courtney Heitkamp, Media Relations Specialist Phone: (605) 965-6411 E-mail:    POET partners to fight pollution, deforestation in Haiti Project Gaia replaces wood-burning stoves with ethanol stoves   SIOUX FALLS, SD (Jan. 28, … Continued

Meet Nick Lorenz

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Meet Nick Lorenz, our December extern at Project Gaia. Nick is a sophomore at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. He studies Arabic and plans on majoring in International Relations. This past summer, Nick taught English to middle school children in … Continued

Meet the Team – Alyssa

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As a part of our new “Meet the Team” series, we got back in touch with Alyssa Bosold, a former Project Gaia intern who carried out a household energy research project and small ethanol stove and fuel pilot in Vietnam in … Continued

Meet Theresa

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Meet Mrs. Theresa Ailenmoagboan. She is one of Nigeria’s most recent converts to the CleanCook alcohol stove. Nigeria is the economic hub of West Africa, but most of its population live below the poverty line and suffer from prevalent Household Air Pollution … Continued

Here and Now: The Future of Ethanol

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“Ethanol is the fuel of the future.” – Henry Ford On October 1, 1908, Henry Ford released a car that was made for the masses: the Model T. Thanks to the savings provided by assembly line production, the Model T … Continued

The Golden Thread

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Energy poverty stands as one of the primary development issues of our time. Its consequences extend far and wide; those who do not have access to clean energy feel its absence in nearly every facet of their lives. “Energy is … Continued

New Look, Same Project Gaia

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We realized it was time for a change when our old logo kept showing up as the recycling symbol on our shampoo bottles and food wrappers. Here at Project Gaia, we are continually adapting to best serve families around the … Continued

5 Reasons to Buy a Project Gaia Pura Vida Bracelet

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Project Gaia is excited to announce a new partnership with Pura Vida Bracelets! The La Jolla, California based company helped us create a bracelet that artistically conveys our approach to eradicating energy poverty. Here are five reasons you should buy … Continued

An Experiential Education in Energy Poverty

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For years, Project Gaia has partnered with Gettysburg College students and faculty on research projects. We have also tapped some of the brightest recent graduates and most promising students to work in our office and the field. Recently, we joined … Continued